i'm caitlyn
i'm 24 and all i really do is play video games
April 24th
8:34 PM

okay but

more specifically

i… i think i feel a dragon age 2 playthrough coming on

  1. bearfootscar said: Dooooo iiiiittttt! If you accept that it is not the same as DAO, you will like it better.
  2. atahkey said: Origins will forever be #1…in more than one way. My husband BEGGED me to let him get DAO for a YEAR and then we bought it used… couple years later I’ve played it a million times over and he’s yet to get through it ONCE. DA2 is hard to replay
  3. magebutts said: i’m really glad I played DA2 before I played Origins because otherwise I probably would have hated it
  4. galleywinter said: RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I KNOW THAT FEEL, BRO.
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